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Teacher training, 

LMHP Clinic



Developed and delivered custom meditation teacher training for LMHPs at an addiction clinic on incorporating biofeedback-enhanced meditation into their patient work. 


PRISM in Practice, 

Be More America

Co-created & delivered a 6-week mindfulness-based curriculum for addressing unconscious racial bias

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Resonance Breath, 

Sona by Caeden

Created content for guided Resonance breathing trainings to complement HRV-based meditation wearable.


In a high-pressured startup environment, the founders in our McGill X-1 Accelerator program were able to relax and rejuvenate together in Brain Spa’s inviting class atmosphere. Our cohort of 9 startups were engaged with Miriam’s compelling content, and enjoyed participating in different group activities and discussions around mindful listening - an invaluable tool for any founder. ALL startup programs similar to the McGill X-1 should incorporate mindfulness practices to help founders cope with the stresses and challenges of building a startup. We highly recommend Miriam’s services and the Brain Spa approach.
— Renjie Butalid, Associate Director at McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship
Miriam’s thought leadership on mindfulness and meditation is aptly timed for today’s workforce. Entrepreneurs and executives understand that improving the health and wellness of their people will benefit their organization - Miriam presents key messages that must be heard in a smart and refreshing manner.
— Member, Young Women at BDC Network
Miriam’s presentation prompted me to think a lot about unconscious bias and further fuels my desire to see our workplace become more diverse & inclusive.
— BusBud Team member, from "Unraveling Unconscious Bias"
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Our executive team completed Brain Spa’s 4-week Mindfulness Master class. We are thrilled with how impactful this experience was. It strengthened our company culture and equipped our team with specific tools to take their leadership to the next level.
— Ardene Executive Team