Vinyasa-ing Through Life


Though I bounce around between classes and studios, there is a common thread, however. Each yoga teacher connects the physical practice with a spiritual - or at least introspective - one. 

During a recent Vinyasa class, the teacher drew a connection between the importance of mindfulness when in the midst of a transition from one pose to another. She pointed out that people tend to rush from one position to another, dismissing the transition between the two as unstable and unimportant. She encouraged us to consider how we do this both during our yoga practice and in life. 

Vinyasa is a kind of yoga that centers on connecting movement and breath to transition between postures in a continuous flow (I later learned its Sanskrit roots means "to place in a special way"). The Vinyasa flow reveals impermanence of all forms, ultimately helping us to Let Go. To truly engage in a Vinyasa practice, we are asked to bring as much attention, energy and care to the the journey as we do to any individual pose. 

I wondered what it would mean for me to apply this approach as I go through transitions in life. What if I stopped trying to rush through and get to the next pose? What if I really gave myself the space to explore this transitional phase, moving through it with interest, patience and love?

Miriam Leia Bekkouche