Armchair Therapy : 10 Ways to Get Unstuck

  1. Change your stance | Literally get up, go for a walk, do a head stand, sit in a different part of the room.
  2. Rock out to your personal anthem | You know... the one that makes you feel like a super star.
  3. Create momentum | Make a list of all the things, then do something about one of them now (yes, now).
  4. Breathe | Actually, do this all the time. It's powerful stuff.
  5. Get support | Talk to a friend who will listen... then give you a swift (yet loving) kick in the butt.
  6. Gather resources | Need knowledge? skills? tools? Go get 'em.
  7. Break it down | Mountains are conquered one step at a time. Momuments are built brick by brick. Get it?
  8. Be courageous | Identify what's stopping you and tackle it head on with all you've got.
  9. Experiment | Take risks, try something and track what happens. Trust the process.
  10. Choose action | In other words, decide to just do it.
Miriam Leia Bekkouche